Our Mission

Penny and I (Tom) have dreamed of having a life that would allow us to serve others through ministry and business. We believe that by opening up our home to the public, we will have a better opportunity to serve others through Christ. Our goal is to balance our lives between our family, our business, and the missional opportunities that God provides us with. Whether we are hosting a wedding, a family celebration, or a pastor’s retreat, our goal is to serve others through the love of Christ. To help with this, we believe in creating a beautiful environment where people can come together to share stories, enjoy nature, relax, and celebrate all of the special moments in their life. Although we believe every individual has a God given purpose in life, we also believe that a strong community is essential for growth and helping every individual reach his or her calling. We hope you find our home to be a place where you and your loved ones can come together to enjoy each other’s company. In fact, we hope Arundel Estate becomes a place where your dreams become a reality and life-time memories are made between you and members of your community.

Best Wishes,

Tom & Penny

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